My Favorite Bible & Scripture

AdultColoring Books (so far)!

There are few things that make me happier, than to spend a little quiet time with a cup of tea, watching a good Christian program or listening to music, and coloring in my coloring books! I have a wide-variety of coloring books, but the Bible and Scripture Adult Coloring books are my favorite. It is restful, fun, enjoyable and at the same time I'm getting in the Word of God and meditating upon the scriptures that I am coloring so it also then feels healing to my soul.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Bible and Scripture Adult Coloring books. I actually have many more but I haven't delved into the other books yet, so I'll share with you the ones I love the most so far!  You can click on any of the images to also purchase them  for yourself so that you too can enjoy them!

The Word in Color, coloring book is AWESOME. I love the artwork so much, each time that I color a full page, I just want to put it in a frame in my house (I don't do that, but I think about it!). I also really love that it also has bookmarks that you can color and then cut out! I have colored the books marks and I use them all the time for the Christian Books that I read! It's wonderful to look at the bookmark that I colored myself!

I also love this book "Color the Psalms".  The Psalms in the Bible are just so peaceful and comforting that I really love to use this coloring book when I feel the need to be comforted and reminded more of Gods love for me and my love for Him.

The "My Favorite KJV Verses to Color"  is beautiful and reflective. I really love to use this one to help me in memorizing scripture. I also love that is the King James Version, which even though I love modern biblical translations too, this version just reminds me of my childhood and going to church as a child, so it is very comforting.

This "Live Free" Coloring book is awesome and beautiful. What I love about this is it has the coloring page and then on the left side is an area for writing out prayers, and for journaling and reflecting upon scripture too! If you are short on time, or want simplicity, this is a great coloring book to do many different activities together and keep them in one place:
  • Coloring
  • Bible Journaling / Reflection
  • and Prayer Writing
I really love it!

This "The Bible Coloring Book" is not so much scripture based, but rather has images inspired by the stories in the Bible. My daughter actually received this book for Christmas and together we have colored inside of it. It has many pages!  It also comes with coloring pencils (36 of them) so this is a great combination for those who are just starting out with Bible coloring. The images are based entirely upon Biblical scenes. A lot of fun to color! My daughter also enjoys it and it helps her to learn more about what is in the Bible.

Coloring time isn't the same without a cup of tea! I usually enjoy a cup of Earl Grey or black tea in the daytime while I am coloring; or a cup of Chamomile with Lavender tea in the evening (or any chamomile tea!). These two are some of my favorite brands for tea! You can click on the images to purchase them as well.

Colored Pencils

So, let's also talk about colored pencils. I have a LOT of colored pencils and even when I am in the store, if I see some on sale, I grab them lol. I have several sets of these Crayola Colored Pencils and even more conveniently is that they are per-sharpened. MOST Colored Pencils that I purchase are already per-sharpened.

My absolute FAVORITE though are the Studio Colored Pencil Set - they have more unique colors! I actually plan on purchasing more studio colored pencils so that I have a wider variety of colors! I also like how these feel when holding them - the Crayola version is harder to grasp, but the Studio ones are easier to hold and are soft to the touch. After you color for awhile you will notice the difference in colored pencils. The only thing about the Studio that is a bit of a downside is the lighter colors can be VERY light - you will have to apply more pressure to see them show up clearly. But Most of the colors are just fine and I especially love their variety.

My daughter also got this 142 piece wood coloring and craft set for Christmas from a relative. It includes colored pencils but also crayons, eraser, sharpener, and water colors. I know that some people who color like to sometimes use crayons or even water colors so this could be a great option if you prefer variety.

If you are totally NEW to coloring or want tips for coloring, this book "How To Color Adult Coloring Books" is just perfect!

Below are also some of my youtube video's about coloring! ENJOY!