Angel Readings

Adrienne Dumas now offers personal Angelic Readings. Adrienne is a clairvoyant and a claircognizant which means that she has a "clear knowing" when it comes to your Angelic Messages and Guidance and she can also "see" the best direction for you to take, based upon what angelic messages the Angels give to her.

Adrienne can also channel messages from the Faeries, Unicorns, Mermaids, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and other powerful beings.

*Please allow between 1-30 Business days after payment has gone through to receive your reading. For email and MP3 readings, PLEASE provide the CORRECT email address for your reading. If you do not, I am not responsible for you not receiving your reading (include the email address with your purchase).

All readings will be sent to you via my email address so please be sure to keep an eye out for your reading - check junk folders too!

What does an Angel Reading with me do for YOU?

You can read the testimonials below but basically an Angelic Reading with me can

Help you to experience Peace of Mind regarding a situation or upcoming event

Help You Gain Insight Into Your Future

Restore your faith in God, the Divine and Yourself too!

My angelic readings also include energy healings which have been known to provide sometimes miraculous results!

Help you gain insight and clarity into a specific situation - such as regarding work/career or finances; love and romance; family and parenting; health and well being; life purpose; past life issues; friendships and more! You can ask about ANYTHING that you need guidance with!

Provide powerfully healing insights for those of you who might just be curious as to what your angels have to say

What Does an Angel Reader Do?

I have been an angel reader for a long time and sometimes I am asked this question, "What exactly does an Angel Reader do?" An angel reader is someone who has trained to -- or in my case can naturally tune in and connect with the angelic realm. I have tapped into my psychic ability and I am able to hear, feel and KNOW the angel messages as well as to sometimes also SEE the angels.

Order an Angel Reading from me Today (see below) and discover how powerful -- and fun! -- these readings can be!

Christ Light Angel eMail Reading

$ 25.00 USD

For a LIMITED TIME I am offering "Christ Light Angel Readings" ~ These readings include messages from Jesus and the Angels regarding any issue in your life. I will channel Angelic and Christ Light energy into your reading and see what messages Jesus and the Angels have for you! OFFER ENDS May 15 2014!!


Includes: 3 Angelic Cards

Detailed messages from the Angels and Jesus Christ. Energy healing sent to you!

Please allow between 1-30 Business Days for your reading (after payment is received). Please include the CORRECT email address that you want your reading sent to you and I will contact you via email for more information.


One Card eMail Angel Reading

$ 5.00 USD

One Card Angel Reading sent to you via email. No need to email me personally, however you need to provide the CORRECT email address for your reading.

As with all readings, please allow between 1-30 Business Days to receive your reading after payment has been accepted.


3 card eMail Angel Reading

$ 15.00 USD

eMail Angel Reading! Includes 3 cards and messages from the Angel Realm for you regarding your specific question! PLEASE INCLUDE your question for the Angels upon payment as well as the email address for me to send you your reading!

Please Allow Between 1-30 Business Days to Receive Your Reading AFTER payment is approved.

*One question per reading only please!


You May Request a Faery, Goddess, Mermaid, Unicorn, Ascended Master or Saints reading instead - just let me know!


Angel MP3 Reading

$ 40.00 USD

Receive an angelic reading from Adrienne Dumas as an MP3 download. She will do a detailed reading for you and send it to you to listen to at ANY time.

Includes 3 cards and messages from the Angel Realm for you regarding your specific question! Plus a BIG ENERGY HEALING.  PLEASE INCLUDE your question for the Angels upon payment as well as the email address for me to send you your reading!

Please Allow Between 1-30 Business Days to Receive Your Reading AFTER payment is approved.

*One question per reading only please!

You May Request a Faery, Goddess, Mermaid, Ascended Master or Saints reading instead - just let me know!


Angel Healing Phone Reading Session

$ 75.00 USD

After payment is finalized we will set up a day and time for you to call you for your phone reading session. Please be sure to make it a day/time that you will NOT be distrubed. This is a 20 minute phone session (not recorded) so I do recommend keeping a pad of paper and pen nearby to take notes. You can ask me any question(s) and I'll channel angelic guidance/information for your reading - I do however recommend focusing on question at a time as the session is only 20 minutes. I will also work with Angel Oracle Cards for your reading and channel angelic energies to help heal your or your situation. 

Please Allow Between 1-30 Business Days for me to Contact you for more information regarding your private phone reading session, and then we will schedul your reading as soon as is possible for us both!

I look forward to speaking with you!




Includes: An in depth recorded MP3 reading with me, Adrienne Dumas that includes healing and powerful messages from your Guardian Angel about your *Life Purpose *Romantic Life *Health *Career and Money and A General Over-all Message from your Angels too, plus you can ask for guidance regarding any other particular question. I also do a Guardian Angel energy healing for you too in which I channel your angels energy over you! With an MP3 Reading, you can listen to the Reading and the energy healing at ANY time. This is a PERSONAL reading and each persons reading and energy healing is unique!

In this package you will also get

  • The Angels eBook by Adrienne Dumas (PDF download)
  • Meet Your Guardian Angel Meditation (MP3 download)

To inquire for this healing package, please email me at - you MUST send an inquiry first and then you will receive your reading and other material from the package within 1-30 business days after your payment is received.

How This Package is Healing and Helpful For You:

Receive personalized angelic messages just for you that can help you in various life areas inlcuding:

  • Your Romantic Life
  • Your Health and Well-Being
  • Your Life Purpose
  • Your Career and Finances
  • Any other personal question you might have! GET THE GUIDANCE YOU NEED.

You will also experience

  • A profound healing with your Guardian Angel
  • A downloadable meditation that can help you connect more deeply with your Guardian Angel
  • My best-selling book The Angels which has tons of information on how to connect with The Angels and includes powerful healing angelic messages, affirmations and invocations that can heal and transform your life!


- See more at:

Guardian Angel Package

$ 100.00 USD

Includes: An in depth recorded MP3 reading with me, an eBook "The Angels" and a Guardian Angel Meditation.

Please include the CORRECT email address when ordering your reading/package. Please allow between 1-30 Business Days to receive your reading after your payment is received.

Client Reviews!

I have had several readings from you and must say after each of them I have felt a burden lifted from my spirit as I received some closure on the topics at hand. - Josie

Wow!!! I just listened to my Reading you just sent me.... Omgosh! It is so Beautiful... It brought me to tears
it was so incredible! and I got goose bumps at the end too. Thank you SO Much! You are a Dear, I will always cherish this reading
from you and my faeries, Angels and Guides It meant so much and I Love it very much.
Many Blessings, Love, Light and Hugs to you Darlin." - Lisa R.


"I have tears in my eyes! That was so beautiful! I could feel every word, and feel your energy xx Thank you so very much xx I just listened to it and felt it! And your beautiful voice in the healing prayer, I felt very much. I found myself shutting my eyes through the whole reading when I was listening to it! Thank you so very much especially for the beautiful healing prayer with Archangel Michael. I felt that very strongly and it brought me to tears! As I felt the healing come in xxx Thank you so much for your encouragement about my website and the guidance about my spiritual work ... Thank you Adrienne, you are a beautiful divine soul and I thank you for your beautiful reading and the beautiful divine gifts that you have in your healing voice  and your divine intent to give love and clarity and wisdom to others and to help empower them to be the open loving soul that they are and in doing so helping them live their divine purpose and find confidence and their own personal and collective identity in this beautiful world!  thank you!!  that was beautiful!" - Jen

"I recently had a MP3 angel reading from Adrienne. This reading, concerning finances, sweetly reminded me that 'God is my Source for all Good Things in my life.' By following Adrienne's advice to use this affirmation, I am growing more peaceful each day concerning financial stability in my life. The cards she pulled and her interpretations of them were quite meaningful for me. I absolutely love that I can listen to this reading over and over again. In fact, I do so several nights each week as I fall asleep. I know that Archangel Haniel is working closely with me, along with Michael, helping me to view my situation from a new perspective. I am allowing myself to feel more peaceful than I have in years. There also have been additional opportunities for creating greater prosperity since the time of my reading. ~ I highly recommend a reading by Adrienne for its quality and value." -Susan S.

"You are a true Healer & teacher.. You are so positive .. You are of the vibration of the forest spirits. You possess a kind & loving beautiful heart & that is a Healer..You are awesome!! Im happy to see all you have created .. Because I know it is there because of the purity of the essence of your heart & being ness.. thank you for being such a beautiful mirror for so many. - Shay A.

"YOU ARE AWESOME, ADRIENNE. I AM SO HAPPY MY ANGELS GUIDED ME TO YOU. I am really empowered by how you fearlessly walk in your spiritual truth, unafraid how others might judge you." - Sophia

"Since i first contacted you things in my life seem to be getting better and better each day! thank you and many Blessings!" - Janet M.

"Adrienne gave me a reading months ago.
The reading is with me still serving me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - Jack Parken

*My intent is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual well-being by channeling information from the angelic and faery realms. In the event that you use any of the information that I share in this reading for yourself, which is your right, I assume no responsibility for your actions.

**I also claim no rights to the oracle cards images or their meanings. I share additional messages from the angels on my own terms to compliment the card reading and I use the cards for your readings, but I do not claim copyright for those cards images or the authors original meanings.

***All readings will be sent to you within 1-30 Business days AFTER receiving payment. Please be patient as I receive a lot of requests! There are also NO refunds for readings. Blessings!